Day 1: Office Desk Makeover



Believe it or not, this is actually looking GOOD for our office. Our office/craft room/guest bedroom/storage closet has, to paraphrase something I once heard on Clean House, “a lot of slashes for one room.” It’s a workhorse.

My husband Daniel and I were married just shy of a year ago, and our combined household stash of random furniture, junk papers, old college textbooks, outdated “important” files, tools, and dead batteries was mind-blowing. Out of desperation, we shoved it all into our second bedroom and hoped for the best.

Needless to say, it was crowded.

After three months in our first apartment, we decided we hated where we lived and had to move ASAP (yes, we moved TWICE in our first year of marriage), and so the first of several huge purges began. If you think the pile in the image above is big, you should have seen that first pile! I swear we keep Goodwill in business.

Fast forward nine months. We’re finally settled into our second apartment and it is a great place to live, but we still have to work on the nitty gritty organizing. Today’s project: the office desk. Here goes nothing …

Again, for reference, we start with this:

Oh, dear.


I decided to pull it all off and start with a clean slate.

  1. I stacked papers roughly by type and sorted them into organizing fabric drawers in the cube organizer we got at Target (more on them another day.) I’ll hit them up later. I admit it: paper filing scares me.
  2. I threw the trash out. That Starbucks cup had a leftover mocha. Oops.
  3. Magazine clippings went in an accordion file folder. (An attractive one, of course!)
  4. The cornhusk doll my mother had made went onto a sturdy shelf in the office closet.
  5. Art supplies also went into the closet.
  6. Pencils, pens, sticky notes, and tape dispensers went into some vintage tins I had bought at a local antique shop.
  7. Paper clips went into a vintage bath salt bottle.
  8. Rubber bands went into one of my grandmother’s vintage glass dishes.
  9. Only the MOST important and immediately needed documents went in the wire inbox.
  10. I added a pretty frame (contents pending) and set all the accessories on top of or under my lacey-looking IKEA shelf.
  11. I finally wrote out the contents of my IKEA Kasset storage containers. These babies have a story, too. Nashville doesn’t rate as a big enough metropolitan area to host an IKEA. It hurts me. Only ModerNash eases the pain. (They are lifesavers. Just wait until you meet the Expedit bookcase they delivered to us for cheap-o!) So … how did we get our hands on these lovely and budget-friendly organizing tools? Easy shmeasy. We smuggled them back from L.A.  on the plane with us when we returned from a trip to go to my cousin’s wedding last August. Bless her for getting married near an IKEA.
  12. Voila! Desk!

See? (Note: still learning how to work the camera settings. Bear with me.)

All cleaned up.

Bee-you-ti-ful vintage tin!

Pretty little desk things.

I’m so happy, and so is Daniel. He did his own clean sweep of the desk and surrounding area and the overall affect is just … wonderful. We have taken to sitting up in our office instead of cluttering up the living room with our laptops and work.

Amazing. Desktop organizing actually inspires us. This is good. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Day 2, here we come!


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