Day 2: Her Bathroom Drawer

This blog is called Behind Closed Drawers. So why does this post bring a smidge of fear into my heart?

Because it is up close and personal. This is the drawer I use (almost) every day and the first place I stash something in the bathroom that I don’t want cluttering up the countertop. In other words, it ends up cluttering the drawer, instead, and I can’t find a single blessed thing. Like my nail file–always M.I.A.

I’m going to jump right in before I chicken out. Here’s the before:

It took about 15 minutes, but this fix wasn’t too complicated. I just asked myself some questions to make my sorting choices. Read more after the jump!

What were the questions and answers, you ask? Simple.

  1. Is it expired or old? Trash.
  2. Do I use it? REALLY use it? Oh yeah? … so when? One time six months ago? Honey … throw that sucker out.
  3. Does it belong here? No? Put it in its other spot then.
  4. What is its purpose? (I sorted the keepers by type and placed them back in the drawer together.)
  5. How often do I use it? Not very? Back of the drawer. Nearly every day? Front of the drawer.
  6. Will it roll around? No? Great, just set it inside. Yes? Let’s find a box-like item or a Ziploc bag to hold it safe until I can afford some lovely clear acrylic drawer organizers. Oh, wait. I knew I saved those 20% off coupons for Bed, Bath & Beyond for some reason! Stay tuned.

That’s it. Give me a few more minutes for actually taking the misplaced items to their true homes and my task for the evening is complete. One freshly organized bathroom drawer has now been freed up for daily use. I’ll save time in my morning and evening routines just knowing where my face cream is or my nail clippers. Yay!

Let’s review, kiddos:

  1. Is it expired or really old? Those things in my hand? You betcha. GONE!
  2. Do I use it? REALLY use it? Um. No.
  3. Does it belong here? Not really. I use the Sudafed, generic allergy pills, and even the Mucinex on occasion, but not often enough to warrant them taking up valuable real estate in my tiny drawer.

So, I took it all out, sorted it, and put it back in. For a special touch, I found out I had some unused drawer liner which I put in to freshen things up, and I converted a Christmas card box and some scrap fabric into an on-the-fly (and cheap!) organizing basket for the drawer. Sweet deal.

Are you ready for this? Here, at last, is the AFTER:


(What’s that you say? You want to see a close-up of the cheap yet pretty box? Okay, you’ve convinced me. Here ya go.)

See you tomorrow, when I reveal some of the books that are inspiring my daily little changes!


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6 responses to “Day 2: Her Bathroom Drawer

  1. Gray Haired Chick

    Very nice! I’m always telling people to get rid of their junk drawers. You treat it how you name it. Call it a utility drawer and decide what goes into *your* utility drawer(s).

    Isn’t it lovely to open that drawer now?

  2. Nice! I’m jealous of drawer space in the bathroom. I just throw it all under the sink 🙂

  3. @Gray Haired Chick – yes, yes it is. I really enjoy my little drawer. I even found my Burt’s Bees cuticle cream that has helped keep my cuticles from splitting in the cold dry air we’ve been having around here. Sooooo nice!

    @Mrslimestone – and I’m jealous of your drawer space in your shelving unit! You really did a lovely job with the organizing. Best of luck with keeping it that way. So far, mine has last nearly a week and going strong. Here’s to many more organized days ahead! (The husband’s drawer is next, and actually, it should be easier.)

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