Day 3: My Reading List

You can tell I’m a geek at heart because I always want to learn as much as I can on the topic of any endeavor. Magazines, blogs, and Google top my list of research go-to places, but I also reach out to books.

I’m cheap. I apologize right now to all my local bookstores. I read most of my magazines right there in the store, and get inspiration for free, but sometimes I break down and buy something. In this case, many somethings.

During the Amazing Media Purge of 2011, my husband and I scored $103 cold hard cash (and an additional $67 on a later date) by selling our used books, dvds, games, and cds to McKays on Charlotte Pike in Nashville. It’s a mere 20-minute drive for us, and that is both a good thing (hello, purge!) and a bad thing (hello, more books coming home!). I admit it stung a little to leave them all behind, but it was for a good cause: organization and de-cluttering. Plus, $103 is never a bad thing when it was basically sitting on a shelf gathering dust (that you happen to be allergic to, anyway) in a previous life.

But I digress … I didn’t return from McKay’s empty-handed. Let’s face it: I never do. However, on this particular occasion it was worthwhile. I found some very helpful books on organizing that I’d love to share with you after the jump.

Up first, Exhibit A:

Beautiful AND Helpful!

Be ready to be jealous, ’cause I scored this for a mere $3. Yup. I told you I was cheap! Real Simple: The Organized Home covers every major area of the home and showcases detailed examples and images of storage containers, furniture, filing systems, and beautiful displays of the pretty things you own (as well as ways to make even the mundane everyday things look pretty displayed so nicely!) I read the page on refrigerator organization with particular interest, as it had a handy chart on page 75 listing the best storage temperatures for various foods and how long they should be expected to last at those same temperatures.

Up next, Exhibit B:

No Holds Barred Excuse Blaster

I couldn’t find a clearer image of It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan For Living A Richer Life With Less Stuff without the Amazon “look inside!” but hey … I am looking inside, and while I admit I haven’t read all of it yet, it sounds like the drill sergeant of de-cluttering books.  Case in point: one excuse of clutterers he lists is “It’s Too Important to Let Go.” OUCH. Yeah, I know how hard that one is. Daniel and I have been steadily purging ourselves of items that seem important until we realized that treasuring the items we attach to the memories are not the same thing as treasuring the memories themselves. This one was another $3 splurge.

Thirdly, Exhibit C:

The Queen of Organizing, Herself

Cost to me $2. Organizing Magic: 40 Days to a Well-Ordered Home and Life sounds pretty promising, don’t you think? I should have recognized that name. She started Messies Anonymous and wrote the Messies Manual. I think my mom read her books when I was younger and thought organizing was lame and for grown ups. (Note to self: you are now officially lame and grown up.) I’m looking forward to reading Chapter 6–“Cooperate with Your Personality Style.” I’m a sucker for anything personality theory related. It’s my pet hobby.

Step up, Exhibit D:

The Title That Made My Husband Laugh


You guessed it, another $3 steal! I think that It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys is the psychologist of the group. Hmmmm. Hummm. Yesssss. And how does that make you feel? Pretty great, actually. This book addresses the root of the clutter and disorganization issue and prompts you to take into consideration what your bad habits are costing you and what they are preventing you from achieving.

Now, last but certainly not least, Exhibit E:


The book that I carry in my purse!

Smart Organizing is … wait for it … another Sandra Felton miracle. I’m enjoying it so much that I am actually reading it straight through (unlike my normal modus operandi , which is hunt and peck.) My favorite part so far has been to be “Smart Lazy.” What? Laziness is GOOD for me? Sign me up! I’m already there! The story I read goes, “‘If you’re going to be lazy, be smart lazy. That’s what my dad told me,’ said the waiter as he pulled out his neatly folded bills to give change. ‘… I stay organized … so I don’t have to work so hard. I don’t let problems develop.'” WOW. This is my kind of organized. And its cost? Yup. $3.

So, my textbooks for the University of Organization cost a grand total of $14. I’m willing to spend that to help myself! And the best part is when the organizing is done, I can always take them back to McKays for credit or cash. Cha-ching.

p.s. Organizing has already helped. When my husband needed to share some pictures of our wedding with our friend, he knew exactly where his external hard drive where the pictures were stored was located. It was easy as pie. Go us!



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