This Week’s Useful Link: Apartment Therapy

While I’m off to enjoy my weekend, here’s a place to browse in organizational glee. All I can say is, this place is awesome. It inspires me nearly every day. Even the most voracious blog reader could not fault Apartment Therapy for lagging in posting, as there are several posts throughout each day. So whatcha waiting for? Read my little ol’ review after the break, and then go hunt them down!

Apartment Therapy

For those who have not met this fantastic site yet, I am a BIG fan of Apartment Therapy. Every day is chock full of simple fixes, home improvement before & afters, and organizational goodness.

Today they have a short but sweet post about cleaning a bedroom in 15 minutes with before & after shots. Their sister sites also have some great inspiration, such as Unplggd’s post on how to sell those extra cluttering-you-house-up possessions easily without using eBay or Craigslist (although I suppose you could also list on their and then link to your blog post for an extra marketing push), or re-nest’s gallery of clutter-free rooms to peruse for inspiration.



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