Day 6: Closet Project Sneak Preview

Our closet project began when we moved in together after the wedding. We’ve given away big black trash bags full of clothing that was outdated or unworn or unwanted. Now we’re down to a more manageable amount, but, as you can see, the closet still needs help, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we continued to keep Goodwill in business.

Here is a little before shot to demonstrate where we’re at right now. I’ll be posting the during and after shots in a little while. If I had my dream closet, this would be outfitted in the Elfa system, but we rent, so we have to make do with what we have. Budget is also a constraint, but we’re working around that by doing our closet makeover in separate steps.

Closet 1.0 is its current state, after our first round of de-cluttering. Closet 1.1 will be reduced down to even fewer articles of clothing and we hope will include some added storage space on the upper left-hand side. Closet 1.2 will be slightly rearranged (Daniel wants to try out a color organizational scheme) and updated with matching hangers. I’m debating between the fuzzy covered hangers that hold onto shirts and dresses so well, or some gorgeous wooden hangers. Thoughts?

Finally, Closet 2.0 will include extra storage containers that will help our closet be more than just organized–it will look clean, neat, and elegant. I can’t wait for Closet 2.0!



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2 responses to “Day 6: Closet Project Sneak Preview

  1. Mike

    Wooden hangers, for the win. If they need to hang onto something, you can always get some adhesive backed felt to go on the top edges. =)

  2. Hi, Mike! I’m very close to making the official wooden hanger decision. Daniel and I actually just came back from a Target trip and we stood for several minutes in front of them, debating the cost.

    I think we’ll do some online research first. Ya know … weigh the cost, find the best deal and all that … 😉

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