Day 9: Master Bedroom Closet Reveal!

Y’all, I’m psyched.

I mean, this is huge. HUGE, I tell ya! Remember this? This gem of disorder and clutter and rods hung with too many unused pieces of clothing, old shoes, and random junk on the top shelf?

Well, friends, that closet is a thing of the past. I present you with our “new” clean and well-organized closet!

Here’s a close-up of the side we use the most:

*happy sigh*

Excuse me a minute while I just smile like a fool. Isn’t it just so neat? I kid you not, I am told that my favorite thing to do when I was three years-old was to arrange my wooden blocks across the floor by type and size. Not building roads and houses. Not stacking into towers to knock over (like my younger brothers would later do.) Nope. I sorted blocks into neat groupings. That’s just how I roll, and that little girl is still somewhere inside me and she’s jumping up and down and giggling with glee. I love it. The big girl inside me is also loving that my handsome hubby was equally exuberant about this project and did more than his share of sorting (and tossing.) Check it out …

I’d say a good 60-70% of that stack of men’s shirts and sweaters and slacks did not make it back into the dark abyss of the unseen extended corner of our closet. We now have room to move the hangers back and forth to find what we’re looking for, as well as to add to with newer clothes.

My shoes were already pared down as it was, but I did finally decide to get rid of my flip-flops and some pairs that didn’t really fit that well.

Goodwill is getting a lot of gently worn dress shirts. And hangers. Note Daniel’s geeky yet ingenious method of wrestling those pesky wire and plastic hangers into submission; that’s right–zip ties. Bye-bye mismatched hangers! Hello new ones!

Speaking of all those shirts, they and the shoes, and a small red carry-on type bag ended up in large black trash bags. THREE of them.

(The actual luggage stayed. We might be paring down, but we do enjoy our travels together. Not to mention Daniel’s consulting business requires him to make frequent trips. He needs that compact black carry-on.)

Everything else in the picture above … is going to be given away. That’s some hardcore decluttering, let me tell ya. And can you believe all that was actually in the BEFORE picture somewhere? C-R-A-Z-Y.

Now, don’t let all this fool you. Though we spent at least three-and-a-half hours on this closet project together, we did have fun. We modeled clothing to see if we thought we should still keep it, and I even broke out my wedding dress nearly a year after I wore it for our wedding. It still fits! See?

In the end, our bed was cleared of all stuff and all that stuff that was cleared away had a place to be: Goodwill bag, trash bag, closet, or our tiny dresser.

Total work time = 3.5-4 hours. Result? Serenity and order. It was all worth it. Every second. I’m a happy organizer.

{All Images: Andrea of Behind Closed Drawers}


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6 responses to “Day 9: Master Bedroom Closet Reveal!

  1. Elaine

    Great job! Actually, I thought your “before” looked pretty good, but seeing it with your “after” was amazing.

    Don’t you just feel lighter with all that stuff gone? I love that feeling!

  2. patty

    Awesome and great job….its a good feeling to get stuff like that in order

  3. Linda Hartranft

    You are so inspiring me, Andrea. The highest compliment is to follow in someone else’s footsteps. (If you were on “Twitter” I’d actually and literally “follow” you LOL!) Right now, you’ve got my brain buzzing and creative juices flowing…which is very amazing since I sat down here to try to wake up after having taken a nap. More to come…if I have success, you will have been my mentor and so share in it’s glory! =)

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