Day 11: Dining Room Bookshelf Nook – Before

I have big plans for this baby. I do love the nook. It’s easily accessible from the kitchen and has already proven to be the ideal spot to keep spiced cider warm during parties (see the outlet to the right, hidden behind my Tupperware?)

I’m thinking of painting it white and then putting some wrapping paper or removable wallpaper on the back of the shelf to add a pop of color. Or I might leave it white … or paint it a contrasting color.

I desperately want to update the tired yellow walls, but we rent and though we are allowed to paint, this color is all throughout the common areas of our high-ceilinged two-story townhome and would require professional help to reach to the highest parts of our stairwell. That yellow is the reason I chose such a bright teal blue for our living room walls–the light dove gray I originally wanted would have looked dingy against that yellow.

Stay tuned. Changes ahead!


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