Day 12: Bathroom Upgrades Sneak Peak

Along with organizing comes the desire to make my place as welcoming, calming, and pleasing to the eye as possible. I’m on a budget, so anytime I come across a great deal on an item we’ve already planned to purchase that’s both in my style and price point and Daniel approves–I buy!

The other day we were in Target and saw a shower curtain that was perfect for our master bath, but it was just a smidge out of our home improvement budget range for this month. I passed. It was pretty though, with a simple gray border around a white fabric curtain.

Then, I checked my email from Gilt Groupe today and found an even better sale on a similar looking shower curtain with a brown dual stripe border which will look fantastic in our bathroom. Say hello to our new master bath shower curtain!

I’m so excited I can barely wait for the UPS shipment. It’s like Christmas all over again. I had a credit on my account, so the grand total of this formally expensive Sferra shower curtain after shipping and handling was a whopping $12.95. Now, that’s what I call a deal. It even beat the Target look-alike price!

A couple of weeks ago I also had picked up some new shower curtain hooks from ROSS Dress for Less that are much more stylish than our current clear plastic ones (and didn’t cost much more, either.) Once the new shower curtain arrives, I’ll use them to hang it up. Then I’ll take some pictures and post them to the blog.


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One response to “Day 12: Bathroom Upgrades Sneak Peak

  1. Cindy

    Nothing quite a like a great deal! You can almost get an adrenalin high from landing the perfect item at a great price! The shower curtain looks stylish and classic. Can’t wait to see the pics when you are finished with the bathroom!

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