Day 14: Bathroom Shopping Trip

The weather man is calling for snow again. I really have a hard time comprehending how much snow we’ve had in the past month or so here in Nashville. January through March is always cold and there is usually a freeze, but this has been extraordinary.

In about thirty minutes from writing this on Tuesday night for today’s post, we’re supposed to get up to six inches of snow. Most of the time this means the neighborhood grocery stores are filled with people out to buy milk and eggs and bread, but Daniel and I headed to Target and picked up something a little more lasting … those acrylic bathroom drawer organizers I’ve had my eye on and a new shower liner for the new shower curtain that arrived today!

Soon this will be a thing of the past:

and so will these curtain hooks:

Borrrring! We got them just before we got married, when we were setting up the new apartment Daniel had moved into. We got them “just to have something up” at the time. I mean, showers are important! Now it’s time to have a nice space for us to get ready in the mornings and not feel like we’re in a college dorm.

Once they’re all up I’ll take an after shot. I’m looking forward to having a classy shower curtain in our master bath. And those drawer organizers! Can’t wait. You’ll get a glimpse at HIS bathroom drawer soon, too. All the pieces and parts of the shaving kit should have their own designated homes.

{While we’re on the topic of storage, the little end table next to the shower is Daniel’s and I outfitted the top with cork tiles to protect the wood surface, and added the galvanized bucket we used to keep ice in during our wedding. There’s something very satisfying about finding good uses for items that have sentimental value. What had once held sparkling grape juice now holds our extra toiletries in one neat space.}

During our excursion to Target, we were talking and realized we’d made the master bath a joint project that has taken precedence over other parts of the house. So maybe that ratty bath mat will be the next to go … one can hope.


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