Day 17: Master Bath Reveal

We’ve cleaned out the bathroom supplies so many times, but there was still more to remove. After all, lotions and creams expire after time, and sponges decay.

I was so gung-ho about this project that I dove right in and then remembered to go grab the camera to document the process. So, under the cabinet looked a whole lot worse originally, but here’s the before shot I managed to snag:

In the middle of taking things out of the cabinet, I sorted them by type of item and use. The piles began to look like this …

(That weird blueish-gray thing with a spout? That’s a neti pot for sinus washes. Let me tell you, as a sinus headache sufferer who’s tried almost everything, it feels weird to use, but absolutely works. That sucker stays.)

After all the sorting, I managed to pare down to the essentials. Unfortunately, those essentials spilled a little out of the cabinet. I’ve got a couple of sorted boxes to find homes for. In others words this room upgrade will be TBC … to be continued!

Since we’re on a budget, I decided to find what should stay and what should go before I commit to storage solutions (do you have The Clash in your head? You’re welcome.) I already had one little canvas bin from Bed, Bath & Beyond, which I used. I think it works, and will probably go hunt down some of my 20% off coupons to use to get more. The next time you see the inside of this particular cabinet, it should be a little more polished and pretty. For now, I’ll settle for organized and easy-to-use.

  1. Main cabinet area. On the top shelf, left to right: bathroom cleaning supplies (I *heart* me some Scrubbing Bubbles!), first aid supplies, and scented soaps.
  2. Daniel’s side of the cabinet. It’s hard to see in this picture, but Daniel is the one with the hair dryer! Nice little role reversal, huh? In the white drawer there is all of our sample sized toiletries. We love to travel and frequently take weekend trips, so it is nice to have all of them in one spot for easy access when we decide to take off and go!
  3. My side of the cabinet. Lots of bottles which I hope to put in another canvas container. However, many of these were formerly in the metal bucket on our spare side table. Now they are at home down below my drawer, available for daily use.

Speaking of the drawers from the bathroom sink cabinet, my hubby took it upon himself to sort out his drawer. With our new acrylic drawer organizers, my drawer got yet another overhaul, and I’m happy with it!

All that remained was to add the finishing touches. Again, outside of the shower curtain, liner, curtain hooks and acrylic organizers (about $50, all said and told) and a soap dish and cotton ball canister I had scored a few weeks ago (about $9, together), we did not spend any other cash on this part of the update for our master bath. That meant no storage containers or decoration updates, so I re-purposed some lined baskets I had been using in the office and brought them into the bathroom to create a little more visual unity on the counter top and the top portion of the toilet. While I was at it, I also snagged a Ball jar to act as a stand-in toothbrush holder. I think Mason jars are magical. There are infinite uses for them! Did I mention I’d previously used this jar at our wedding reception, as well as to organize buttons in my craft area prior to that? Yeah. I like to re-purpose, especially when the item is pretty AND functional!

Oh, and by the way …that pretty red rose in my miniature pitcher/bud vase? It was part of a dozen Daniel bought for me “just because” I had been feeling under the weather struggling with some of my chronic sinus headaches and an unusual bout of back pain. “Just because” roses are the best. Just sayin’.

So, to review, here’s the first bit of this bathroom upgrade:

I think the white curtain brightens up the space, and I’m pretty pleased with the overall effect of the baskets and new curtain. I’m holding out for a big, fluffy new bath mat now … the tootsies will thank me.


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6 responses to “Day 17: Master Bath Reveal

  1. Cindy

    Andrea, it looks great! The curtain does brighten up the space. I’m most impressed with your “his” and “her” drawers. They look so organized. Your post has now motivated me to clear off our master bathroom vanity. I won’t do any major organization today, but I’ll at least put things in their proper place, clean the sinks, and spruce it up! That alone will make me feel better about the space. Thank you for your post today and keep up the great work. It is fun to see what other people are doing.


  2. Andrea, I ended up clearning my master bathroom vanity yesterday as a result of reading your post! Thank you again.

  3. Amy M.

    Yay for the Neti Pot! As a “survivor” of three sinus surgeries, I definitely concur … they’re awesome!

    I thought you might get a kick out of what I first noticed from your drawer reveal … Daniel uses an old-fashioned bristle brush for his shaving cream? That’s just plain awesome. 😀 I must meet this man.

  4. Amy, not only does he use an old-fashioned bristle brush, but he has recently adopted the method of using only an old-fashioned safety razor.

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