9 Ways to Enjoy Living in Your Home

  1. Set aside room to rest and reflect. Don’t overbook your schedule. If you live and breathe by your Little Black Book or your Blackberry, book some down time. Get plenty of sleep. Your body will thank you for it. Did you know that being over-stressed and under-rested adds inches to your waist and makes getting rid of those inches even harder? Be nice to your body. Relax.
  2. Play rejuvenating music while you take care of household responsibilities. Fill the space in your home with sounds that provide you with a soothing base for your life.
  3. Enjoy some entertainment. Watch television. Read a book. Play a game. Surf the web. Play tug-of-war with the dog.
  4. Be hospitable. Invite friends over for dinner.
  5. Speaking of dinner, try your hand at trying new dishes. Have fun … experiment with flavors!
  6. Insist that your living room or den remains a place for family time, your office (or desk) be the designated spot for papers, your bathroom a place for refreshing and even pampering, and your bedroom be an oasis of calm and serenity. Don’t let spaces overrun into each other–that creates clutter that will also affect your life and thoughts.
  7. Prevent panic and rushed searches for lost items by making places for everything and keeping them in those places. Also work hard to stay in maintenance mode so that household chores and cleaning up are 15-20 minute processes, not hours-long ordeals.
  8. Let there be light! Invite in the sunshine. Don’t hide behind shutters or blinds at all times.
  9. Bring a little bit of nature in … enlist the help of natural air purifiers by nurturing a house plant or two in your living spaces. Some well-placed and well-groomed potted plants don’t overtake a home, but rather make it an inviting place to live.

{Photo: arinas74}


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