Nashville Shopping Trip

Daniel and I wandered Green Hills on  Sunday to visit Tuesday Morning and West Elm. We were in search of stylish storage solutions and, after picking up this slick pencil cup at West Elm, went on to the Nashville West shopping center on Charlotte Pike and scored a large bamboo cutting board (I swear, I’m in love with bamboo lately,) a white junk drawer organizer, and a granite mortar and pestle at Marshalls.

The junk drawer organizer is going in our kitchen. I would have bought more acrylic organizers, but they are too tall for our short little kitchen drawers. Sadness. The new white plastic organizer should do well, though, so the next big drawer reveal you see will be in our kitchen.

The mortar and pestle thrilled my hubby. He loves to cook, and is in fact the better chef in this household. (For the record, I’m the better baker.) He loves to experiment. Since he works at home, many of his lunchtime experiments have later on become dinner successes. He has a hydroponic herb garden in our kitchen, and our new contraption will allow him to add fresh herbs to our meals.

The baskets are going in the master bedroom closet. I’m pretty excited about that. I was close to giving up on my day-long hunt when I stumbled on some beautiful baskets at Michaels, and on sale at 40% off, to boot!

While shopping, I also saw a set of china protective covers that I’m seriously considering getting to safely store my grandmother’s set I inherited. If I’m able to get them or something similar, the dining room nook project “after” will be revealed soon.

{Photo: West Elm}


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