Kitchen Drawer #1

Let’s be honest; there’s always a junk drawer lurking in homes. I vanquished the one in the bathroom,  but unlike Highlanders, there’s always another one somewhere else.

This is my current somewhere else:

I pulled all the items out of the drawer and lined them all up like some kind of random modern kitchen art.

(Why, yes, that IS a Ninjabread Man triumphing over his beaten attackers. Those action-packed dudes were one of my Christmas presents to the hubby. They’re deliciously and dangerously fun.)

Afterward, the drawer looked a little lonely. And dirty.

A few swift ninja-like stealthy moves and that old drawer liner was history. A little Lysol cleaner action, a little wiping of the drawer, and I then retrieved my trusty roll of new liner and lined away.

My clever new organizer was super-duper interactive. Its pieces and parts snapped together in a variety of different patterns, so I was able to tailor its organizing capacity to fit my items.

I removed a bunch of duplicate items (who knew I had THREE sets of measuring cups lurking in those depths?) and re-housed others, like our oven mitts. I was even able to bring some other items, like the melon baller and my frosting bag tips, into the empty spaces.

Here’s a bit closer up view …

All I can say is holy easy-to-access-items-I-use-all-the-time, Batman! Yay!

And now to go find a home for those oven mitts that no longer fit … any ideas?



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4 responses to “Kitchen Drawer #1

  1. Hi, I navigated here from Brooklyn Limestone. I’m working on a reorganizing project, and I just tackled my bathroom drawer, too.

    For the pot-holders, what about using some hooks to hang them somewhere with easy access to the stove? On a wall or the fridge might be convenient, or you could hang them inside a nearby cabinet door if you don’t want them displayed.

  2. Gen

    If the gloves don’t fit, Goodwill them. Nice drawers! *wolf whistle.*

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