Daniel and I were discussing the topic of balance recently, specifically as it comes to projects that require significant effort, and to paraphrase him, he said, “look, the way I see it, people either value balance or they crash and burn.”

I’ll take balance for $300, thank you.

I was reading about this very thing in Sandra Felton’s Smart Organizing, and again in the January 2011 issue of Good Housekeeping (which, by the way, has some GREAT tips on keeping an organized home.) The key is to have an orderly home to enjoy, not to display as a museum. Staying sane means doing what is required to leave room to live your life, and that’s the goal I’m trying to achieve. Granted, I’m a few years behind schedule, so I’m playing catch up, but being exhausted is counter-productive.

Take some time to relax today. Take a deep breath, let it out, and be glad for what you have and allow yourself to look forward to the gradual process of changes to come. I promise I will, too!

{Photo: topfer}


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