365 Days … of Marriage

I started this blog to celebrate 365 days of organization, but today I’m going to stop for a minute and recognize an even greater achievement and a tremendous blessing: marriage.

On this day, one year ago, Daniel and I pledged our love in sickness and health, and because of our recent organizational push, I know where to find the printout our pastor made for us of our vows for the rehearsal. I also know where our marriage certificate is, a copy of our invitation, my mother’s veil that I wore in her memory, and our wedding picture DVDs. All the things that are important to me and hold an incalculable amount of sentimental value to me. It’s a good feeling having those memories easily accessible.

Being married is an honor, a privilege, a challenge, a thrill, and above all … a covenant. Even on the rare days when we might disagree, get frustrated, or not feel lovey-dovey, we are both equally committed to living out the covenant we made to each other on February 6, 2010. Daniel is my best friend, my closest confidant, and my rock. I am my beloved’s, and he is mine.

As we’ve spent the first year of our marriage combining two households, moving twice, and finally settling in what is now our normal routine together, I’ve looked back and seen us grow in our love more than I thought was possible. I loved him when he proposed to me (fire and mind-reading was involved–oh, how I love my geek,) I loved him when he married me, but I love him even more now. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than snuggled up in his arms, whether it is on the couch watching a movie, or in a park watching geese on a pond, or even huddled in a Dairy Queen/convenience store, watching a cloud about to become a tornado pass by (yes, we’ve done all those things.) Especially since we had a long-distance dating relationship and engagement, being part of all the small, seemingly inconsequential moments of life together is still a gift to us, and I hope we never lose that sense of gratitude.

Something I’ve come to understand this year is that for a marriage to work, you can’t be two individuals with two separate lives … you really do have to become one. It’s the most wonderful way to lose a part of yourself, and the sacrifices that requires are completely and totally 100% worth it. That’s the covenant at work, and I am so grateful for how it has changed my life into our life.

I love you, Babe. And I’m looking forward to as many more years together as God gives us.

{Photo: Kristyn Hogan, Nashville wedding and lifestyle photographer extraordinaire}



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2 responses to “365 Days … of Marriage

  1. Linda Hartranft

    An absolutely beautiful tribute, both to your love for one another and to what marriage really means, which has been lost to so many.

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