Resist the Urge to Buy Kitchen Gadgets You Don’t Need

Over the past weekend, Daniel and I have been celebrating our First Anniversary by taking an extended weekend out of town. We shopped at a lot of outlet stores on Saturday, and let me tell you, that can be a dangerous thing for us when we find the kitchen supply stores. For anyone else who sees a new gadget and oohs and ahhs over it like we do, let me show you a couple of pictures I came across. (Forgive the quality … alas, my Droid camera was all I had at my disposal.)

I don’t know what half of these do, but they seem to squeeze tubes, clean sinks, cut the crusts off of PB&J’s, etc., etc., etc.

Or what about these?

Ahh, now THOSE are more familiar. Everyone really does need a peeler and a steamer. But … only one. Maybe two. Tops. Don’t just go buy one because they’re on sale, they look prettier, or they have more promises they’ve made about simplifying your life. Resist!

If you do buy a new peeler, please give the old one away. Or you’ll end up like me, cleaning out my junk drawer and discovering I have three. Count ’em–THREE–sets of measuring cups. Now, that’s just excessive. I predict another Goodwill donation trip in my future.

Did I resist the urge? Yes. I did. All we got was a pizza stone we’ve been discussing buying for months now. I almost got the Kitchen-Aid add-on I’ve been wanting. We’ll see. After all, vacation isn’t over until Tuesday.

For now I’m going to sign out and finish enjoying the last bit of our time away from home. See you tomorrow!

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