Goodbye, Mr. Coffee

Kitchen counter space in our house is coveted real estate.  We are actively working on reducing the number of items sitting on top in favor of ingenious methods of erasing their footprints to provide more space to cook, mix, roll out dough, prep plates, and what-have-you.

Today, we would like to thank our trusty coffee maker for his service to the Brame household, but we regret to inform him we are letting him go.

We did avoid the urge to buy kitchen gadgets we didn’t need, but Daniel sprung at the chance to get one we did need–one that would not only free up space by easily storing in the lower cabinet while not in use, but also that increased the quality and flavor of our morning brew while saving us money, to boot. He bought a french press. Experts in the coffee world say french pressed is the best way to go, and I have to admit, after tasting our first cup, I have to agree. It was smooth, rich, and highly caffeinated.  No plug to plug in (and you know how I hate cords!) and no filters to purchase. Just easy, hot coffee in 4 minutes, give or take a few. Plus, it makes our sweet red teapot purchase all the more worth it, as that trusty pot is now boiling the water that makes the coffee, instead of Mr. Coffee.

All it takes is 8 cups of boiling water (we use water from the tap that has been purified with our PUR faucet filter), plus 10 tablespoons coffee grounds. (We’re Dunkin Donuts fans.)

The boiled water is poured into the french press, the press is pressed down to remove the grounds, and voila! what is left is eight smooth cups of happiness coffee. Easy schmeasy.

It’s so easy … a monkey could do it? Well, at least the folks at Bodum think so!

All I know is I have some more of my countertop back again, and I’m a happy camper.  So, in summary:

Any questions?


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