Where Are My Keys?!

Have you ever had this happen to you? You’re getting ready for work or maybe just a workout, and you’re dressed, you’ve had your coffee, your purse or briefcase or gym bag is in hand, you get to the door and …

You realize you have no idea where to find your keys.  In 2.2 minutes, you’ll miss your window of opportunity to beat the traffic/catch the bus/find 30 minutes to spare. You start to panic.

Goodness. That’s me a hundred days out of any given year. You know what I’m sayin’? Well, enough’s enough. I bought a couple of key hangers at Urban Outfitters about a month ago, and I’m going to hang them up next to the front door. If the keys have a designated (and pretty) resting place, I’ll have a better chance at keeping them there.

I’ve also recently heard over at Apartment Therapy of creating a “landing strip” for outgoing mail, anything you need to remember to take with you out the door, keys, etc. What a great idea! I’m considering putting one into place, but my area is very small, indeed. I’m talking top-of-a-stool small. I sort of have the beginnings of a quasi-landing strip that I just began using on top of our electric keyboard, but nothing formal. So maybe I can tweak that habit of putting keys, phone, and purse on top of the tiny space that makes up the keyboard’s top, and switch to a small shelf or perhaps a tray on top of that footstool. The gears are turning …

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2 responses to “Where Are My Keys?!

  1. Crystal

    Remember my iron key that I bought for my keys? I now only lose my keys a couple of times a month, and then only if my hands are full of groceries, Gracie, whatever and I can’t hang them up immediately. Usually I then find them in my purse, and although that may be logical to some, putting my keys in my purse almost always guarantees about 10 minutes of looking everywhere BUT my purse.

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