Vertical Bike Storage

What do you do when your space is limited and your storage needs are larger than what you’d like?

You go vertical.

When Daniel and I moved into our condo, the very first storage purchase we made was a bike rack that used the force of gravity to hold up our bikes in the back storage unit. It was a well worth the cost, as the only other alternative was locking them up on the back porch, chained to a post, or squeezed into our spare bedroom/office/craft room. The bike storage was perfect for us.

My bike fit better on the ground, but Daniel’s bike is held up by its own weight pressing down on the red hooks. Instant space! (Now to just take care of the extra firewood the previous tenants left behind and throw out our old humidifier.)

Here’s a closer shot of how the bike rack works:

We love it! Of course, ours isn’t the only method. I think the solution the fine folks at Yellow Brick Home came up with is just as elegant and even more visually appealing. But for us, the bike rack works well.


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3 responses to “Vertical Bike Storage

  1. With small spaces, always think “up.” We know the pains of bike storage. Yours is lookin’ good!

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