Cleaning A Fire Hazard

Sometimes when you’re doing one home maintenance project, you discover another that needs your attention while you’re at it. For us on Sunday, that project was our dryer vent and hose.

Daniel had gone outside to throw out a couple of old small appliances we had in storage. I went out to join him, and just happened to see something that made me run back inside and grab a screwdriver. Our external dryer vent was so clogged with gunk that I was scared it would trap the heat and cause a fire. In my hurry, I missed the “before” picture shot, but here’s a nasty looking capture of the soggy fuzz I removed.

I know. Gross.

And then we found this little horror …

Ohhhhhhh, boy.  Can you say “Home Depot run”?

For now, it is duct taped closed while we wait for a little extra manpower to help unhinge the dryer closet door and then move our dryer out so we can attach the new flexible hose we purchased to replace this. Yet another thing you can do with duct tape!

I took the removable part of the vent into the house and rinsed it off to get it nice and clean. Voila!

It puts my mind at ease to know that I caught that hot mess (literally!) before it caused any serious harm to us.

{Photos: Andrea B of Behind Closed Drawers}


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