I Was Right; Greige Would Look Terrible in the Kitchen


Looks like I’m going to have to figure this out. That color isn’t working with the counter top.

Oh, and by the way? It’s Sherwin Williams “6073 Perfect Greige.”

I just found that they have a nifty site where you can upload your pictures and then apply color to areas you mask off. In this case, greige.

Back to the coloring board.



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3 responses to “I Was Right; Greige Would Look Terrible in the Kitchen

  1. That is a nifty tool! And I think you’re right about the greige in the kitchen–sort of looks like dingy white. If you put in a backsplash of some kind, you could avoid the greige coming up against the countertops. I know paint’s the cheapest way to go, but if you don’t have too much counterspace you could probably find some affordable options.

  2. Amy M.

    Totally agree with Sarah … that color looks dingy. Good call, Andrea! And I LOVE the idea of a backsplash (that’s one thing I wish I had in my kitchen!) … but that might not be a cost that you want to incur for a rental home. Actually, it might not be allowed since it’s a rental home. But definitely something you can think of for the future!

  3. @Sarah – Oh how I wish we could pull of a backsplash, but alas, we have neither cash nor ability since we rent. I haven’t approached the idea with my landlady, so there’s the possibility she’d go for it since it would improve the property, but that still leaves the pesky problem of finances. 😦

    @Amy M – Yep. You nailed it! Oh well, maybe next time!

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