Sorting Out Below the Kitchen Cabinet

I’m finally attacking the mess that is my kitchen cabinets and the crazy amount of cleaning products I have amassed. (Note to self: don’t buy anymore until you’ve either thrown out the current stash or used it all up.)

See those cabinet doors above? Behind them is … dun dun dah

Oooooooh, boy.

This is where I put all the items that I figured were cleaning products during our move-in and the aftermath. Cleaning products = kitchen, right? Whatever. Not anymore!

I pulled every last one out. Then I gave it a good wipe down.

Then I sorted items by where they needed to be used and how often I would need to use them.

  1. Car, Mechanical, Plumbing Items – Plumbers putty and knife went back into the cupboard for those just-in-case moments. The Armorall and brake fluid to my car’s trunk, and the WD-40 to my husband’s toolbox; he’s been looking for that for months!
  2. Bar Keepers (And My) Friend – My mother-in-law discovered this amazing cleaning force. It cleans (and polishes) copper, counter tops, you name it.
  3. Pet Cleanup Products – I didn’t know I had so many! When an accident happens I run out and get something to clean it up. I guess I won’t have to for awhile. We have quite a stash of air purifiers, carpet cleaners, and fabric deoderizers.
  4. Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaners – We had THREE spray bottles of tile cleaner, and TWO anti-viral/antibacterial cleaners, among other things. The sorting did uncover some dusters, rubber gloves, and scrubbers I didn’t know I had. Score! No need to run to the grocery store and get those next time I face a difficult to clean pot or dusty ceiling fan blade.

Finally, I replaced the remaining items that truly belonged in the kitchen under our sink. The rubber gloves and scrubbers I discovered, dishwasher detergent, Bar Keepers Friend, and other dish cleaners, I set aside for easy access. Vases and kitchen cleaners I didn’t use as often went to the back of the cupboard, and kitchen trashcan bags and floor or counter top cleaners I kept up front on the other side. Now I know what I have under the sink, and I plan to keep it that way.

Like many of my other sorting and organizing projects, this “after” shot is really just a “during” one. After sorting and organizing and using my system for awhile, I’ll know if any adjustments need to be made (if any) and then what containers to purchase to tidy things up even more. For know, I’m happy. I got what I wanted: an area that assists me in my cleanup attempts, rather than hides what I need from me!

{Photos: Andrea B of Behind Closed Drawers}


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3 responses to “Sorting Out Below the Kitchen Cabinet

  1. Elaine

    I love your blog, and I hope you don’t mind one suggestion: To keep it all neat, easy to use, and also keep your cabinet clean, you could put all the small stuff into little containers (I use plastic baskets from Walgreens). I have those little guys all over my house, including my fridge.

    Your blog is great, and I’m getting a lot of good ideas from you!

  2. I just found your blog, lots of great ideas here. I am working on organizing my kitchen too right now so I will be back for more tips! Look forward to more.

  3. @Elaine – Thank you! I’ll keep that suggestion in mind. 🙂

    @Jenn – Welcome! So glad you stopped by. I’ll be working on more of the kitchen/dining room areas again soon, so stay tuned!

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