Laundry Zone, Cont.

There’s only so much you can do on a limited budget, but that forces you to get creative … to think outside the box.

I daydream of days when I find somebody’s old mid-century modern castoff sideboard from Grandma’s house tossed aside on the side of the street, waiting for me to take it home. Or I purchase a rare decorative item ready to be spraypainted into new life, that had just been sitting on a shelf in Goodwill and on sale for .99 cents. I get excited when I find a starburst mirror at Target. Obviously, I’m not going to go out and buy a Saarinen dining table tomorrow. Now, if anyone has one they want to give me, I’ll take it! I’ve only been drooling over it in every major design magazine layout I’ve loved for the past ten years.

In the meantime, while we pay off debt and built up our savings, I re-use, recycle, and renew. Take, for instance, the familiar dining room nook:

It’s not where I want it to be yet. That will come later, in time. But for now, there was a basket, a vase, a figurine with great emotional significance given to me by a dear friend of my mother’s, and some matching bowls I made in one of my college pottery classes. I “shopped” from other rooms to find some items that suited this nook. Total cost to us: $0.00. Well … maybe  .45 cents. The flowers were on clearance at Kroger for .99 cents and I split the bouquet into smaller groupings throughout the house.

The basket is dual-purpose. Gotta love that! It not only adds some visual interest, but it also holds the extra kitchen towels that won’t fit in the drawer, and the stain removal pens. The counter top I left empty … ready to use to fold laundry, like the shirts I have on there currently.

We’re getting there! It’s definitely a work in progress.



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2 responses to “Laundry Zone, Cont.

  1. Trying to design a nice home on a shoestring budget is never easy! I feel your pain 🙂 But I think that you are off to a very nice start in this room. Great blog!

    • Thanks, Kendall! I hope our journey provides some useful tips you can employ in your own home. As always, these things are such a work-in-progress, aren’t they?

      So, welcome, and come again soon. 🙂

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