How I Pack for a Weekend Roadtrip

Last minute change of plans! What was going to be a cleaning marathon has turned into a road trip, instead. Whoo-hoo for flexibility. We’re meeting in the middle at my Dad’s house. It’s always good to get the family together in one spot. And now he has to do the cleaning, not me. Score!

Of course, packing for a trip, even a brief weekend one, brings about its own set of difficulties. One of my good friends has this task down to an art. Maybe I’ll ask her to tell you about her method one day, but for now, here’s our (not-quite-as-efficient) system.

  1. I try (usually unsuccessfully) to narrow down my clothing options to just a couple outfits and the odd presto-change-o item that can dress up a pair of jeans. I might throw a skirt or dress that travels well into the mix. You never know when you might need a bit of fancy.
  2. Daniel does some laundry if we need anything clean. Since I’m already up in the bedroom sorting and packing my stuff, I grab a couple of shirts out of the closet for him and run the options by him to approve or nix (I admit there’s a few favorites of mine that make my heart go pitter-pat when he wears them and I unabashedly will pick those first). Then, while I’m still debating on the bring a dress/don’t bring a dress question, he rounds up his jeans and a pair of khaki slacks to bring. Men have it so easy; just sayin’!
  3. Laundry is ready and I reject the outfits I had previously picked in favor of ones that incorporate the tops I had forgotten were in the wash. So that’s where my favorite striped tee with just the right amount of softness, stretch, and style went!
  4. I double check I have all the necessary items for daily wear.
  5. After zipping the bag shut, I obsessively compulsively check and double and triple check to make sure everything is there.
  6. If Zoe is coming with us, like she is this time around, I pack a doggy diaper bag. Well, at least it feels like one. Our furry child has a gym bag all to herself for her blanket, her brush, a lint roller, treats, food, and a stain remover for any accidents. We rarely need to use the stain remover, though. She’s an absolute angel in the car. Seriously. The best doggy traveler EVER! She settles down in her backseat and goes to sleep, only to wake up to steal one of our seats if we vacate it to quickly grab a coffee or a bite to eat on the way. We also bring her crate to use once we arrive at our destination.
  7. Depending on the season, I grab items needed for survival in the car … just in case. Water bottles are a must. As is a blanket, pillow, and some hand-picked CDs or mixes on the iPod. In winter, that list grows to include boots, gloves, hats, and scarves. You know, in case we have to get out and push at any point. I try not to forget snacks. You never know when there will be an accident and you’re stuck behind an 18-wheeler and you’re hungry and can’t reach the exit to raid a gas station convenience store. If you’ve ever taken a road trip, you know how it is. This also brings to mind the times that same scenario has happened and my bladder hasn’t been too thrilled about the prospect. But we won’t go there. May your tank always be full, and your bladder empty. I saw something like that on a bumper sticker once and it immediately became my trip motto.
  8. I consider our destination. In this case, my dad’s house. So, with an abundance of his offspring and grandchildren in the home bedding is at a premium. (Yikes! Can it be? All three siblings will be in the same place at the same time. This is historic. We’re talking only-happens-every-other-year-if-then kind of thing). The air mattress is definitely coming with us.
  9. Finally, I check the thermostats, the windows, the locks, the faucets, the everything. And then I have Daniel check them.
  10. If we’re super-organized, we pack the car the day or night before we leave. Then all we have to do is get ready and go.

And that’s that. East Tennessee, here we come!

{Photo: My Dad; taken by him on a previous visit to his house}


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  1. joy

    I’m not going to lie… I sat the title and thought, “I have that down to an art, I’ll still read it” haha! Thanks for the shout out, friend! I hope you have a great trip with the fam (I’ll I’ll be glad to share my method anytime!)

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