The Great Media Console Search

The dresser has to go.

The current arrangement is adequate, but not ideal. We have our flat-screen tv on a vintage dresser. The subwoofer, audio unit, and Blu-ray player sit to the side. Wires for the surround sound criss-cross the living room floor and I’ve tripped over one of them at least once a day. Not so fun. We both agree the time has come for a new media stand.

We’ve been debating the merits of vintage console over new pre-fab construction and hidden storage versus open shelves for the stereo and Blu-ray players. Or dark wood versus white-painted. Or sleek and modern versus charming and old. Or tall versus short.

We have a limited budget, and I’m picky. I’m the anti-cord one in the family. To me, anything with a cord is ugly. With possibly this one exception.

{Utility Pendant Lamp, CB2, $39.95}

So my vote is for hidden storage and ingenious usage of zip ties. Of course, there is then the problem of accessibility (to date I have not found a used console, buffet, or credenza with enough space for that ginormous subwoofer.) Then I fuss over style. Daniel has no strong preferences, but he is the one who announced recently that he was setting aside more money in our budget for home improvement and voiced the possibility of updating the living room look with a new entertainment center.

So here are some things that have caught my eye:

{Everywhere Storage Media Unit, West Elm, $449}

{Seguro 54″ Media Console, Crate&Barrel, $1,499}

{Fuel Red Credenza, CB2, $499}

{Wall Street Media Cabinet, Target, $249.99}

The problem with these great modern media consoles is the price tags associated with them. Our joint favorite is the Seguro 54″ Media Console from Crate&Barrel. We just can’t afford to spend $1,499 on a single piece of furniture at this point in our life. Especially not one we don’t sit on, sleep on, or eat around.

So what about what about affordable vintage buffets? These are more difficult, as they are unpredictable in their availability. Until we have all the money in hand that we need, we can’t make the purchase, even when the items are available on Craigslist or elsewhere. A cursory glance through the Nashville Craigslist ads, however, brought up these options:


{$350, Spring Hill}

{$175, Shelbyville}


Choices, choices, choices. How to choose? We have a lot to think about, but I gotta say, if I had a truck and time and $175 tomorrow, I’d go get the sweet mid-century modern buffet in Shelbyville. It’s Daniel’s and my favorite and closest to our combined aesthetic.

Stay tuned! We’re hoping to make a purchase in the next couple of months, so we’ll make the big reveal as soon as it comes home to stay. Meanwhile, remember those paint chips? Something might be coming of them really really soon …


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