Dining Room Nook Shelves With Wallpaper Ideas

I had a brilliant idea for affordable “wallpaper” in between our shelves in the dining room nook. Paper Source has some gorgeous fine decorative papers. I want to paint the walls greige and the trim a brighter white, so I used some Photoshop and did a rough comp of the new paint colors next to the possible paper choices, and this is what I found. So many pretty options!

Batik Mums on Red Fine Paper, $6.50

Katazome Geometric Circles on Night Fine Paper, $10.00

Lokta Bean Orange on Natural Fine Paper, $4.95

Yuzen Red Pool Plum Blossoms on Chocolate Fine Paper, $8.00

Tulip Blossom, Persimmon on Pool Fine Paper, $4.95

Utensil Print Fine Paper, $3.75

Dentelle Strawberry Flowers on White Fine Paper, $3.75

Yuzen Mums Curry, Pool & Gravel Fine Paper, $9.00


Only after creating the majority of these comps, I decided to measure the width of the shelves. The largest sheet of paper was 20″ x 30″. I had eyeballed them and thought the 30 inches would be sufficient. Unfortunately, I was wrong. It was 34 inches wide, so the only way to use the paper would be to tile it and I’m not sure I’m that good at matching pattern edges. Yikes!

So this little exercise will have to do as a way to decide what kind of pattern looks best and then perhaps find some fabric or wallpaper to do the trick. I’m not giving up!

p.s. for the record, my favorite is Yuzen Mums, Daniel’s is the Utensil Print, and together we agree on Dentelle Strawberry Flowers. Whichever type of pattern we choose, however, is sure to be a vast improvement on the dingy yellow paint. Especially with the new light greige we’ll be adding!



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