The Trouble With Maintenance

You know what I’ve found is the hardest part of this organizational project? Maintenance. It stinks. You have to Keep. At. It.


It’s like eating healthy. Or training for a race. Or (as formerly mentioned) budgeting. Or training your dog to heel. Or … whatever you didn’t really like or have the patience for doing when you were 8, 18, or 28 for that matter.

Yeah, staying neat and tidy and organized stinks. I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. Not really … only a few bits and pieces. My bathroom drawer is still neat, thanks to my nifty organizer in it. I pick up the towels and clothing from the bathroom floor. Daniel does the dishes more often than I do, and we both haul laundry up and down the stairs to be cleaned. Putting the clean clothing away immediately is still being tweaked.

I guess it’s okay. I mean, I didn’t like brussel sprouts at 8, 18, or 28. But I did run a 5k at 30. So maybe I’m at least getting better at something.

At any rate, sensing a trend? I am. There’s a word that comes to mind for all of these things. Basically, maintenance = self discipline. In other words, I’m learning that I don’t have that crazy military dude in the picture above yelling at me and telling me what to do; I have to do that myself. ALL THE TIME.


{Picture: stroinski}


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