Small Commitments

When I started this blog I knew my lifestyle needed a bit of a turn-around to get my house (and life) in order. I knew it would take a long time to form a habit. (Fly Lady says it takes a whole month of daily practice), and I knew it was worth 365 of the days to get to the point where my other hobbies of painting, and collage, and typography, and art and baking could get their own bits of time committed to them so they (and I) could thrive in a neat and orderly space that didn’t need my constant attention.

I think I made a slight over-commitment in wanting to blog about it all of those 365 days. I love this blog and I want to keep loving it and nurturing it, so I’ve decided to keep the year and ditch the daily, unless ideas flow daily. I’m focusing a slightly smaller commitment. I will continue to blog regularly, but this will give me and Daniel a little leeway to do the projects and then blog about them. So please, stay tuned! Quality over quantity is a pretty good thing to commit to, so I’m working on bringing some new topics to Behind Closed Drawers, and I’m looking forward to revealing more how-to’s, project before and afters, shopping guides, Nashville Craigslist finds and other good stuff. I’m also working on more blog layout tweaks (such as the new blog banner and colors).

I’m also always eager to hear from others who have hints and tips to share, so please feel free to contact me with your own projects! I’d love to spotlight them. Definitely drop me a line if you have one to share. I’ve added my contact information to a new page you can access above the banner.

Happy Organizing,


{Image: Andrea B of Behind Closed Drawers; collage in acrylic and vintage ephemera}


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