Spring Things

Last week was pretty miserable in Nashville, but today is another reminder that Spring is here. I haven’t seen any Pussy Willows around here, but this picture just makes me think of my childhood in Massachusetts. My grandfather had a Pussy Willow bush near his front porch, and he’d occasionally clip off a few twigs with blooms for me to take home after I came to visit. They were so soft and mysterious.

Of course, sunny Saturday mornings also reminds me of something my parents always enlisted me to do with them … spring cleaning. Now that I’m all grown up and see the benefit  of spring cleaning, I have to admit I’ve got the stirrings to do some of my own. I think I’ll clean the windowsills and windows sometime soon, sweep the front step, and dust all the baseboards.

That is, if the outside doesn’t call to me first and I go for a nice walk with Daniel and Zoe in the nearby park. You never know. Sometimes weekends are just for being lazy!

{Photo: Stephanie Berghaeuser}


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