Back Patio Inspiration

It’s Spring, it’s beautiful out on the days when Nashville isn’t being bombarded by tornadoes and wind and rain, and I keep being drawn to our back patio. I love it, but I don’t enjoy it nearly as much as I should. (Perhaps that has something to do with the wasps that haunt the place?)

Today Zoe begged to be let outside and so I opened the back door to let her into the safe back patio “play” area. I should note that our dog does not “play” nor does she act like a normal dog. In fact, she is more like a cat. She does not fetch. She does not tug-of-war. She does not roll over. She lounges, sleeps, gets in your face for attention at the most inopportune moments, and begs to go outside to stare at the bees. Yes, the bees. She jumps and eats them. I kid you not. Weird dog.

The back patio is overgrown and begging for attention. Our landlord said we could do what we’d like with it, and I’d love to improve it, but I’m not sure what direction to take. Maybe I’ll plant some flowers. I’ll definitely trim the bushes.

It has so much potential … I can picture it with white cafe lights criss-crossing overhead, potted plants filled with bright colors, and sturdy yet attractive patio furniture. We aren’t allowed to grill out, but there’s no rule about having dinner parties!

The picture above is taken from the vantage of our back stairs. They aren’t much, but the table and chairs are ones I bought for a lunch on a previous back patio. It was a very special lunch … a few hours after it, the diamond ring I now wear on my left hand ring finger literally appeared in a flash of fire. It was a pretty spectacular proposal. Just sayin’.

But back to the shrubbery behind our current home. It’s like the Secret Garden, pre-pruning by Mary and her friends. All except the forgotten discarded toy that Zoe consistently ignores. Note the arrow pointing to the sad, lonely green turtle.

Here’s the final corner. I’m thinking a weather-proof storage bench under the window would be both practical for organizing purposes and also to have some additional seating.

So much potential. So little time! But I have a few ideas of what I like and what I might need to get there …

Patio Image: HGTV: Small Yards, Big Ideas

1) Paisley Gauntlet Glove, $26.00, because every girl should have a cute pair of gardening gloves; 2) Lace Mantle Sweet William Seeds, $2.99. My grandfather grew these every year and developed his own; these remind me of him and make me miss lazy childhood summer days. 3) Felco® 100 Cut-n-Hold Pruners, $54.99, to snip away at those plants and keep them well-groomed. 4) Because I think it might involve a lot of kneeling on concrete, Fiskars 9418 Ultra Light Kneelers Knee Pads, $9.02; 5) 150 Gallon Deck Box for Storage and Sitting, $310.14. This would be perfect under that window and would hold all the extra tools we don’t have room for in the house!

The HGTV article has some great ideas in the photo gallery, but this shot was my favorite. Though our little space is a far cry from the featured garden, I can see elements that would work with what we have, including the container gardening and the teak furniture. I see a lot of teak furniture on the Nashville Craigslist listings, so it is possible we could score some in our budget. I’m looking forward to trimming things up and getting some color on the patio. We’ll see what happens!


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