How to Paint a High Stairwell

I’ve been worrying about our painting. There’s been a lag in the process due to the weather in Middle Tennessee (tornado/rainy season), but that’s not what is really worrying me. What I’m most concerned about is my stairwell. It is tall and narrow and mocks me. I don’t want to make big mistakes on that stairwell … after all, I rent, and I am striving to leave the house in better condition than I found it. The color we’ve chosen is a good neutral that will brighten up the space and be a good backdrop for many different styles of design, should the new renters (way in the future whenever we move out to our own home) have different tastes from us. Plus, it will cover up the dingy paint that has seen years of wear and tear.

So, what’s the big deal? I could just leave the stairwell the color it is, right? Wrong. Our home has an open floor plan. Each room runs into the other, including the stairwell space. Uh oh.

So I did a little research, and I found a helpful video over at Renovate Your World that gave me more confidence that we could do this. That, plus reading on contractor’s forum that I can avoid getting the carpet messy when I cut in around the base of each stair (no baseboard!) simply by either using duct tape on the edges to pull the carpet fibers away from the wall, or just using a large metal (clean) spackle knife to push down the fibers while cutting in with a good paintbrush. My two biggest fears solved. Hooray!


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