Vacuum a Mattress

We vacuumed our bed today. I’ve read that a mattress gains weight over the years, just from dead skin cells we shed, along with mites and dust. That ‘s INSANE.

So we stopped the insanity. We vacuumed. Yep, we used the whole upright vacuum, beater bar and all. We just took our comforter and sheets off the bed, tossed the naked pillows aside, and plopped that sucker up on top of our king-sized pillow top, set it on “low carpet,” and had at it.

{Our mighty vacuum. Source: Bissell}

It was pretty disturbing to see it was actually picking up gunk. (We have one of those see-through no-bag vacuums and could watch the dust twirl around.) Granted, we had vacuumed the floor first. Maybe we should have done it in the other order, but you know what they say about hindsight being 20/20 and all.

No wonder our allergies have been acting up “somethin’ fierce” lately. We had cleaned out the filter and dumped the former contents of that clear catch-all for the dirt before starting fresh in our bedroom–where the dog isn’t allowed–and there, tumbling around inside, was discarded fur and dust like you wouldn’t believe. It filled it half full from just our room. The bed dust was the icing on the cake, so to speak.



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