Long Weekend = Project Time!

I have been so far behind on my cleaning that I’ve had to focus on that before I can get to the organization and decoration of our little abode.

I have the blessing of a three-day weekend this weekend, however, so I’m attacking the projects with gusto! I’m playing Pandora through our sound system and getting the cleaning out of the way so I can revisit the dining room project.

As usual, money restrictions have given us the “opportunity” to be creative with our decorating options. I’ve been torn for the past couple of months between waiting and saving for quality furniture and decor versus DIY-ing it to the max and doing something for the meantime. After months of living with a plain jane dining room, I couldn’t take it any longer. Something must be in the spring air, because I’m itching to get my hands dirty again and take up the paint brush, sewing needle, and glue stick. So I’ve accepted that our house is a literal work in progress and its organization and decoration will be an evolution of style and not a coup d’etat.

So be it!


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