Finding Time to Organize, Part 1

I’d like to say that every day of my 365 days of organization is a successful venture and that I never waste a moment, but that simply would not be true.

Instead, I have a lot of self-defeating habits and thought processes that get in the way. One of the ideas I have had to dismiss along my journey was this notion that by sheer willpower alone I would become a compelling force of nature, like some kind of rare earth magnet that would pull our scattered clutter into one neat and orderly home. This is just not true. I’m often reluctant to begin new projects because I’d rather be doing other things. So much for willpower.

I’ve begun to understand that it is okay to have days when I think “organize” is a curse word and “clean” is its not-so-distant relative. I just have to ride those days out and gain some perspective while my zeal-o-meter slowly points back to GO FOR IT! again.

Over the past few months, I’ve learned to avoid this all-or-nothing mentality by breaking down larger projects into smaller ones. For instance, when I organized my laundry area, I did one shelf one night, and the other the next. I even just added to that this past weekend when I was able to afford to purchase some attractive containers to replace the hodge-podge of baskets I had used in my last phase of the project.

I can’t stress enough how important pacing is in the battle against clutter. Don’t organize the kitchen. Organize a drawer in the kitchen. Don’t renovate the game room. Sort the games first. Don’t go to the store and buy more bookshelves when your books overflow. Take a few minutes every evening for one week to go through your book collection and remove the ones you don’t want anymore. This will save you time AND money … not to mention your sanity! Don’t give up if you get overwhelmed or sidetracked; just keep on moving forward. You will get to your destination, one step at a time.


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2 responses to “Finding Time to Organize, Part 1

  1. I totally agree! I try to do a little bit at a time too. If I do too much I get overwhelmed, stressed, and cranky. Not a good combination. Moderation is the key to life, so they say 🙂

  2. Crystal

    In my best hypnotist voice: You want cookies. You want me to bake them for you. You want to come to my apartment and organize it so you can get the cookies…

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