Finding Time to Organize, Part 2

Organizing is a slow, agonizing process, but I’m pretty sure even the busiest schedule can allow one 15-20 minute segment of time per week to be designated as “clean out one shelf space” time.

Plan out what you know needs to be addressed and then use free moments (and MAKE the free moments) when you can tackle each project in due course. Box by box, closet by closet, cupboard by cupboard, and drawer by drawer. Before long, you’ll have put a large dent in that list.

Here are some moments in my own life that I think I could probably better use for my organizing time:

  1. Internet activity. Oh, how this one hurts! I adore Pinterest, avidly read many blogs, and enjoy my guilty pleasure of celebrity gossip.  I keep up with friends far and near via Facebook. I obsessively check my Twitter feed. I can easily lose track of time and misuse several hours in my evening when I could be working on a project.
  2. Television shows. Since we don’t have cable, Daniel and I rarely watch the newest shows, but we do have one or two that we stop everything for and watch regularly. Honestly, I could at least be folding laundry when I do this. However we DO have Netflix, and ooooooh boy. You can waste a lot of time with Instant access to entire seasons of shows at the click of the button! I need to cut back a little and focus more on my household chores.
  3. Over-cleaning. Okay, I admit, I don’t do this one often. When I do, however, it manifests as a slightly obsessive-compulsive need to scrub tiny parts of things with old toothbrushes and repeatedly remove microscopic specks of dust from places my house guests will never see (like on top of the door frames). Not to say those things shouldn’t be done, but that sometimes they aren’t the priority. Don’t get lost in the tiny details just because they are easy to do. That is called perfectionism and it can actually be your enemy, not your friend. Keep working on that big plan.

So what task do you let take over your free time? Can you spare a few minutes from that activity to focus on making your life better?


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