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The Scary Domain

This time last year, we had recently moved into our house, were knee-deep in boxes, and I was encouraged to run a 5k with Daniel and a good friend. I decided it was a great idea and began doing a training program, which I successfully completed after just over two months. During that time, all organizational attempts went on the back burner. Especially once the holidays started coming around and we had house guests.

I’m feeling deja vu. Last month, I started up the same training for a second year. Things are going well … even better than last year … although the weight loss is going slightly slower, even as I am getting stronger. And of course, all organizational activities have slowed to a halt.

Except for tonight. Tonight we ventured into the depths of the study/craft room, where the last vestiges of our un-organized items lay in wait. Once again, upcoming house guests fueled our ferver and we managed to clear the entire floor of items that had, until that point, been waiting to be sorted. Granted, it isn’t all perfectly organized, even now, but at least it is up and out of the way! We emerged victorious.

Our house guest will now have a place to have some privacy. And I’ve gotten one step closer to closing in on the final frontier: my papers, craft supplies, and miscellaneous items taking up space on my cluttered desk.

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