Moving In

Didn’t we just do this?

Wait. Yes. Yes, we did. This makes three moves in the first two years of marriage. Thank goodness it is our final move before we build/buy/renovate a house of our own. I am tired! The plan is to stay here while we save up our down payment, build our business, and recover from this move (I’m only half kidding about that last one).

There’s been a lot of conflicting feelings going into moving into a home that I used to live in (twice) before, but the predominate one is coziness, followed by joy and a sense of playing hooky. Let me explain that one … since quitting my former day job, I’ve been helping Daniel with our own business, even if it means just letting him bounce ideas off of me while I’m sweeping the floor or playing on Pinterest. Soon I’ll be doing much more than that, but for the past few days my primary drive has been to make our house into a home as quickly as possible so we can focus on growing the business, relaxing on days off, and being hospitable to friends. I haven’t “worked” a traditional eight hour day in a almost two weeks, instead I’ve worked my butt off in 12-15 hour days with the move–but I’ve felt like I’ve been skipping school and playing around this whole time!

Of course, then I realize that as much as I enjoy the end result of organization, the process is killer. I don’t love the sorting and the decision making. Where should this go? What is this thing’s intended use and where is it best placed in our home? (Candlestick? Computer printer cord? Bulk package of toilet paper?) And then, even with the extra space, I still have items that seem to have no home and they are driving me crazy. Plus, there is a certain annoyance in having to start almost from scratch on my 365 day plan to get organized once and for all! Yikes! Only three months left …

But I’m home. And for the first time since I was a kid, I have the time luxury of being able to put everything in its place up front, instead of over months. Don’t get me wrong … the months of tweaking happen next. We’ll start decorating and painting (yes, more painting. I don’t think it ever stops. My brother teases me that every time he talks to me I’m painting something. I can’t deny it. Guilty as charged.) We’ll even attempt some landscaping and renovation projects (I’m looking at you, dining room walls.)

For now, though, it’s back to unpacking for me. Last night I did the kitchen and entryway hall. Today, it’s the “living room” part of our open house plan and adding the second coat to the office walls. Tomorrow … who knows. I might tackle the dining room or, scarier yet, our bedroom. That’s a LOT of clothing to put up in that closet! Pictures to come soon.

In the meantime, if anyone has any unpacking/setting up home tips, I’d love to hear them! What has worked for you?


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