It’s December Already?

I was just getting used to Fall, and now it’s gone and become December and before you know it we’ll be into the official start of winter and then Christmas.

I broke out the Christmas decorations yesterday, only to realize, well, we don’t have many. And now I have an opened tin of what is basically Christmas tree ornaments with no Christmas tree. We’re still deciding on that one, since we’ll be spending the majority of the holidays with family.

I also have what seems like a mountain of packaging supplies I’ve amassed in my living room that need to be stored for Etsy sales. I have dishes that need to be washed, clothing that needs to be laundered, and a refrigerator that desperately needs to be cleaned. I need to take the dog for her shots this afternoon. I’m also out of my natural cleaning supplies I made, so I need to make more. Yet all I can do at the moment is stare at my laptop screen, hunt Pinterest numbly, blog, and hope my killer headache goes away. Quite frankly, I feel overwhelmed. I guess it happens to the best of us.

Maybe it’s just me? But sometimes the cleaning and the organizing that needs to happen makes me freeze in place and just want to leave the house so I don’t have to think about it. I know I’m avoiding making all the decisions necessary to tackle my projects, but man, today I just want to sit and veg and nurse my headache.

I’ll snap out of it, I know. I have a plan … start with the room that confuses me least. My master bathroom. Some people hate cleaning bathrooms. I actually don’t mind it. You wipe, scrub, shine, spiff, sweep, and straighten. Done. The obsessive compulsive side of me wants to re-fold the towels in our bathroom linen closet, just to feel like I have some level of order in place that is manageable and quick. I can fold a towel. You know, as opposed to organizing the pile of boxes and packaging supplies in my living room. Or somehow whipping up a bunch of charming Christmas decorations out of a miniscule budget.

Oops. I just revealed I’m not always a perky clutter-busting fiend. Today I’m exhausted and grumpy. Today I’m just the girl with the headache who wishes her house magically looked like those houses in beautiful blogs and magazines, decked out for Christmas and clean enough to pass a white-glove inspection. Does anyone know a real-life Mary Poppins I could borrow?

You know what? Don’t mind me. I’m just going to go take the dog for her shots and then come home and tidy my bathroom to regain my clutter control and composure. I’ll see you soon.


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