An Organized Christmas

I love it when I actually think ahead and it pays off.

Our tree is up and decorated now, and I have to say, while real trees still have a warm fuzzy place in my heart, this year’s new pre-lit fake tree, though small, was a cinch to set up and decorate. We debated between it and the slightly cheaper no-lights one and realized a) we had thrown out all our Christmas lights because none of the strands fully worked and so we’d have to buy a bunch and b) we wouldn’t have to fight with the branches. Sold.

And then  …

We brought out the ornament box. I had been eying one at Target last year after the holidays and waited for it to go on a deep discount in January when we took down our tree. I was sick and tired of trying to figure out where all the ornaments were stuffed in this box or that bag. It isn’t my first choice in color, but in purpose it did the trick. All of our Christmas ornaments fit inside (we had to double-occupy some divided spaces, with plenty of cheap plastic bag padding.) When we picked up a couple of new ornaments along the way this year, they too went into our under-bed storage box full of ornaments. No hunting required to decorate. Yay!

Finally, the rest of our small decorating objects I had stored in an older popcorn tin I had been given as a Christmas present as a teenager. I no longer eat popcorn (insert sad allergy discovery tale here), but I kept the tin with its cheerful ice skating snowman. Not has it protected my little items through several moves, but it is also decorative in its own right, so it stays out through the Christmas season until I fill it once more and store it away in the attic until next year. For extra bonus organization points, I had kept some Christmas silk flowers inside the tin in a big freezer Ziploc bag, all sorted away, and it was super easy to add them to our tree without digging around for them.

I’m pretty proud. Why, last Christmas, I hadn’t even fully begun my organizational mission (I started this blog in February,) but yet I had given myself a head start. Now, as my year of organizing the house comes closer to the close, I am so grateful as the efforts have begun paying off. Little things I did a year ago are helping out today.

So today, I’m celebrating the little successes. They show me just how far we’ve come in a year. Oh, yeah!



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3 responses to “An Organized Christmas

  1. Organization makes things like this so much easier, doesn’t it? I cleaned out the closet where we store our little Christmas tree this year, and it was so much easier to get to it when it wasn’t buried behind boxes and boxes of mystery items.

    • It really does, Sarah! That’s my goal for the whole process. Make life easier. Sounds like your tree trimming experience was as good as ours. 🙂 I’ll definitely keep this in mind and make a point to not bury the box of our first fake tree behind other boxes so next year is just as simple. Thanks!

  2. Joy

    when are you going to put up a photo??? =o)

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