This Isn’t About Organizing

This is about life. My life.

A lot’s been going on lately, and that’s amazing! That’s fabulous! That’s great! Honestly, I can’t believe I’m living the start of the life I always dreamed I’d have. Somebody pinch me quick. (Ok, not really, that hurts.)

I have so many interests and being able to pursue them is a little bit giddifying. That’s a word. I just made it up. Giddifying = making someone giddy like a three-year old who just won a big fluffy unicorn at the fair. Kinda like … this.

So, it’s giddifying to me to have access to my arsenal of craft supplies, my newfound interest in organic/natural/non-toxic cleaners, and the time to dabble in art, reading, writing, ‘rithmatic. Scratch that. I dislike ‘rithmatic. Unless, of course, we get to talk in dollar signs. Ever heard of being a “Scanner?” That’s me. I have multiple interests and I Cant. Pick. One. Everyone says “pick one.” But that’s like telling me I can only have one ingredient out of the entire chocolate cake recipe. Just one?! Pshaw! I want ’em all! I want the Whole Dang Cake, thank-you-very-much.

Sometimes I wonder though, if I’m shooting myself in the foot. I mean, is it even possible to make a good life like that? Can I really do it all and stay sane? I think I can, but I admit to being scared that I will fail at some or all of the things I attempt and then will wish I had just gone ahead and “picked one” to see through to its end. (I mean, this blog post just proves a point: I’m writing about something unrelated to organizing on the blog I started to write about … organizing.) And I’m also scared that people around me will think I’m nuts and not take me seriously.

Still, there’s something in me that loves embarking on a new venture and seeing where it goes and what I learn along the way, and I’m getting that itch to explore uncharted territories again, so you never know what will happen next!



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2 responses to “This Isn’t About Organizing

  1. Crystal

    Well, I know what will happen next. You will find a new interest. You will find that you are amazing at the new interest. You will finally decide to disclose said interest, at which time some family may scoff at your perceived inability to just focus already while your amazing hubby and your 2 1/2 roommates applaud your new talent that, if it doesn’t make you rich, will certainly bring joy to you and to others. And God will smile over you because you’ve discovered yet another gift He’s blessed you with.

    And then we shall go to Starbucks so you can buy me a latte with whatever money your new talent brings in.

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