Our New Dog Food Storage Bucket

Daniel and I were enjoying a night out, browsing shops, being goofy, and we ran into this beauty. For about $12, it was ours. I’ve been storing my dog food, bag and all, in a plastic trash bin, or just on my laundry room floor and have been wanting a better solution for some time.

There’s a couple problems with the bucket, but they are minor. First, I’ve been using a paper cup for a long time now and I like the one-scoop-and-go method; this scoop requires a few more than that. Second, I’m not sure where to put the it. The counter top is a little bit too far away from my dog’s dishes to be really convenient. I’m thinking I’m just going to make room for it in the laundry room where I’m used to the big bag being kept, and then get a bigger scoop.

I love it when I find attractive solutions to everyday storage problems!

p.s. I’ve announced the winner of the Organize Now! book and At-a-Glance Organizer on the giveaway post. I’m excited to be sending the books out soon!



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2 responses to “Our New Dog Food Storage Bucket

  1. Nice container – did it come stenciled like that or did you do that? I use an old cool whip container for my dog food scoop. It’s the perfect size.

    • I would love to have said I stenciled it, but it came like that. 😉 You must have a big dog! Mine’s just 30 lbs on her heavy days (Cocker Spaniel mix), so she gets 1-1.5 cups for dinner.

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