Little Resolutions

{Image: Katie Tegtmeyer}

Who says December 31st or January 1st get to have all the fun? Today is February 1st, and I have a few resolutions to make for this month.

I resolve to:

  1. Not leave the butter out overnight so I waste 3/4 of a perfectly good stick of organic butter. This keeps happening. It must stop.
  2. Find my favorite jeggings that disappeared (perhaps in the perpetually unwashed laundry pile?) Which reminds me …
  3. Sort through my clothes–again. Seriously. I think they breed. I have more clothes than I want to launder on a regular basis, yet I never seem to have stylish outfits ready to wear. Something’s off here.
  4. Recycle something. Anything. I do care, I just … forget.
  5. Make our bed in the morning more often than not.
  6. Play my poor neglected electric keyboard. I see you sitting quietly across from me in my living room, friend. I just get caught up in Pinterest land during my free time and so my fingers are rusty. Please forgive me.

Do you have any little resolutions? I’d love to hear them!



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4 responses to “Little Resolutions

  1. Dayna L. Brame

    LOL….oh yes… and lets not forget to clean out and organize the “Fibber McGee” closets/drawers that seem to attack you every time you open them. For some unknown reason, they fill up constantly with all kinds of strange little odds and ends that I don’t recall even owning. Great blog, daughter. Also love the play on words…”behind closed drawers”. Classic!!
    Love ya.
    P.S. your stick of butter actually lasts more than one day? Amazing!

  2. One tip I have for you is that the butter should be perfectly fine after a night on the counter. Butter will spoil faster at room temperature than in the fridge, but it’s really common for people to store it in a butter dish on the counter for up to a week. One night should be no problem, especially during the winter when your house is probably quite cool overnight.

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