Accountability Check: Kitchen Drawer

So, one year ago yesterday, I posted about organizing our kitchen junk drawer.  Here’s what it looked like then:

After buying an adjustable drawer organizer and paring down the contents of the drawer, it then looked like this:

And one year later, after much use, one move, and not an ounce of hasty tidying up before the new photo shoot, it looks like this:

Not too shabby. It could be prettier, tidier, and better used (hello, nearly empty space in the front left corner!) But, all in all, I’m pleased to announce the drawer organizer has worked very well for us. I need to buy some more. Now that I have more drawers in my new kitchen, we have another random kitchen tool drawer to organize!

This drawer illustrates something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Getting my home in shape does not mean it has to be picture perfect at all times. Being organized looks so pretty in magazines, but those are styled to look that way. Items are taken out to make room, colors are intentionally chosen for the best look, and only the most attractive things are kept in the shot. Don’t get me wrong; I love looking at organizational eye candy. Just look at my Pinterest board for evidence of that. However, I truly think that the best solution is always the simple one that lets me live my life more conveniently and serenely, not necessarily the one that looks the prettiest.

This kitchen drawer? It’s convenient. I can find things.

And that, my friends, is a HUGE step forward for this clutter bug.

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