Oh, Hello Friend Shop Swap, Part 1

Back in January, one of my favorite design bloggers–Danni from Oh, Hello Friend–suggested a lovely idea. She invited her readers who had shops to sign up to be matched with another shop and to then exchange a “swap” of products.

I was so excited and I just barely made the 100 shop cut, so when I got an email from her letting me know I had been paired with the lovely Megan from megan E sass, I was thrilled. I didn’t know Megan then and wasn’t familiar with her shop, but like I blogged about a week or so ago, I quickly was charmed by her knitted items.

I have to admit I Etsy-stalked Megan’s favorite items to see what among my stock she might like best. I discovered along the way that Danni had been spot-on with her matching, because, man, if I didn’t want to “favorite” nearly everything I saw on Megan’s list! That gave me courage to select my items to send to her. Megan and I had discussed some favorite colors and things ahead of time and decided that we both wanted to be surprised. No pressure!

My surprise package arrived at Megan’s doorstep yesterday, and I was thrilled to get her excited email last night, letting me know that she loved her surprise. I can’t tell you how hard it has been to keep this a secret until now, but I wanted to show you my little labor of love. Here it is … Megan’s vintage surprise care package (yes, those are patterns, used as filler!):

Ooohh … what have we here? Let’s peak inside, shall we?

Lots and lots of vintage goodies to inspire! I selected some of my favorite vintage photographs, buttons, ephemera, a crocheted lace doily, bias tape (so cute in red with white polka-dots!), multiplication cards, ribbon, a letterpress stamp, wine corks, and a wooden spool.

Here are some close-ups:

Isn’t that couple darling? They are on a boat on the lake, wind in their hair, living life to the fullest, and grinning from ear to ear. I can see she’s wearing lipstick, even on the speed boat. How chic of her! I’ll bet it is bright red and she looked even more fabulous for having windswept hair.

I had so much fun compiling this little package. So much so, I wondered if I shouldn’t start putting together some more for the shop. I wonder if others would enjoy getting little packages of vintage inspiration in the mail?  Any thoughts?



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6 responses to “Oh, Hello Friend Shop Swap, Part 1

  1. That looks terrific.. it is always fun to get a package in the mail and full of surprising goodies.. well that would have just made my day.

    Did you get one too? What was in yours?

    • I did! I just mine today from Megan. I’ll be sharing it soon!

      Let me just say, I need to give my pooch a bath and a haircut so she can properly show off one of the items I got in the mail. 🙂

  2. Great pictures of all the amazing vintage goodies you sent.. it all looked even more amazing in person! I am taking your blog tips to heart and using them to organize/decorate my craft space… again, thank you so much! I loved everything!


  3. And yes, I think you should definitely make some vintage packages for your shop– such a great gift idea 🙂

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