You Can Do It: Make the Healthy Lifestyle Change

Today’s blogger is my friend Tiffany from Healthy ‘N’ Balanced. She’s a soon-to-be first-time momma who enjoys blogging daily about living a healthy and balanced life, though she will quickly say that she is not an expert on all things healthy nor is her life 100% balanced. Instead, she takes it a day at a time and relies upon the strength and guidance of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the support of her husband of five years.

I met Tiffany at my former day job and became quickly impressed by how I could tell that, over a period of time, she got this glow about her and seemed to exude health and happiness. I just had to ask her about it, and she was glad to tell me more. She shared her story on her blog recently, and I encourage you to check it out and be inspired! I know I was.

{Image: Kim Gillett | lululemonathletica via Flickr}

Going on a diet is easy, peasy lemon-squeezy. 🙂  However, making the change to have a healthy lifestyle…well that is no easy task!

So how can we make that healthy lifestyle change once and for all?

1. Change your vocabulary.

A lifestyle change and a diet are not the same thing.

Diets are short-term. We go on them in order to reach a short-term weight loss or health goals but almost always, we either give up before reaching that goal or once we reach that goal we slowly go back to the way we were eating and living.

Lifestyle Change is long-term. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a commitment to change the way that we are living. So first, we have to change our vocabulary in order to change our perspective and our mindset on what we are doing.

2. Set REALISTIC goals.

Setting goals is incredibly important but the key is to be realistic.

For example, don’t set a goal that you are going to work out at the gym 5 days a week when you are working full-time and going to school 3 nights a week. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is not only exercise and eating right. It’s living as stress-free as possible. If trying to fit 5 work-outs a week into your already too busy schedule is going to stress you out and steal valuable sleep time then that’s not a realistic goal. You will give up on it quickly. (Believe me. I am speaking from experience.)

3. Don’t allow the scale to tell you whether or not you are healthy.

In fact, throw it out! Don’t go by how many pounds you are losing in order to determine if you are reaching your healthy lifestyle goals. If weight-loss is one of your goals, two of the best ways to “measure” your success is the way your clothes are fitting and how you feel. If you want to have some kind of record, then measure yourself with a measuring tape and go by how many inches you are losing.

4. Plan your menu and your exercise.

Planning your weekly (bi-weekly or monthly) menu will not only help you to stay on budget, but it will help you to stay on your eating plan as well. When I go to the grocery store without a shopping list that I have made from my weekly menu plan, I usually wind up bringing lots of temptation (aka JUNK) home with me.

Planning your menu will also help you to avoid the stress-filled question of “What’s for dinner???” If you are not sure where to start, there are tons of great blogs out there that post their healthy weekly menu plans, as well as recipes. (Mine just happens to be one of them. ;))

It is also imperative to plan your exercise. Write it down on your calendar just like you would any other meeting or date. This will help you to not overbook yourself and to be sure that you reach your weekly exercise goals.

5. It’s not just about fitting into a smaller pair of jeans.

Like I mentioned earlier, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating right and exercise. Living a healthy lifestyle covers not only physical health but mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Take a little walk today instead of turning on the TV as soon as you get home. Take a minute to thank God for the day and read His word. Simplify your life. Get rid of the relationships, circumstances, food, etc  that are not healthy and that are stressing you out. Focus on one thing at a time. Don’t be overrun by your to do list. Live today as if it is your last. Serve God and love love love love those around you.

Living a healthy life is a journey. Don’t expect to be able to change everything all at once. Don’t expect perfection. Take it a step at a time, a day at a time and you will reach your goal of having a healthy lifestyle.


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