Home Tour Tuesday: The Master Bathroom

Well, I said I’d write about our master bath today, and I haven’t forgotten. Yes, I know I’m cutting it awfully close. So here it is, the master bath:

Oh, the master bath. Nothing grand or glamorous here. On the one hand, it is so convenient. On the other … what am I to do with it? It is the original neutral tan it was painted years ago and the cabinet is basic. The mirror is huge and flat, there is not a single medicine cabinet to be found.

There’s a few updates I’d love to add someday. Perhaps I’ll paint or re-stain the original cabinets. I’d add some shelving on the sides for our toiletries. I’d get rid of the massive mirror, or maybe add a frame somehow.

For now, we are making do with baskets to hold grooming products. Daniel has a little plate I got him from West Elm that has a shaving brush and scissors on it. He keeps his shaving supplies there. I have a small plastic make-up organizer I got at The Container Store. I love it. It keeps my brushes and small make-up-y things all neat.

Under the cabinets is a mess. A big one. It’s sad, because I had gotten the bathroom cabinet at our old house so well organized. When we moved I had to stuff a lot under the counter in this bathroom, since there are no drawers. I’m sorry; I’m just not brave enough to show pictures at this point.

I’m trying to pick a new color for the bathroom walls. What to choose? What to choose? Our bedroom is a medium blue-gray. The current beige doesn’t exactly clash, but it doesn’t exactly contrast, either.

While I’m caught in indecision, I haven’t added art or even installed the shower curtain we purchased last year and put in our old bathroom. For now, the bathroom serves a purely functional purpose, and I’m okay with that. There’s something to be said for being content with what you have.

What is it about bathrooms that attracts so much dust, though? It seems like I’m constantly wiping down the surfaces of the bathroom from the same layer of dust that I’ve apparently just displaced for awhile. I’m glad I have a favorite all-purpose antibacterial cleaner for the process, so at least that part of maintaining the bathroom is enjoyable. My recipe has been tested by myself and my friends over the past few months and so far we’ve all loved it, so I thought I’d share my all-purpose cleaner recipe with you today. I modified it from recipes I found online and in the book The Naturally Clean Home. So many of the recipes I found only made enough for a few uses, but this one lasts much longer (unless you have to tackle a particularly tough clean-up job, of course!)

Andrea’s All-Purpose Antibacterial Cleaner

(Makes one large batch — enough to fill roughly two large spray bottles or several small ones, if you want to give some away as a gift.)

3 tsp. unscented liquid castile soap. I used Dr. Bronner’s.

¼ c. + 1/8 c. white vinegar (3/8 c. total)

½ – ¾ c. lemon juice (I used ½ and it was just fine)

6 c. water

10 drops organic orange essential oil (I purchase mine from Natural Earth Oils on Etsy)

20-40 drops tea tree oil organic essential oil (I eyeballed it, so if this seems excessive, just tone it down)

10 drops organic lemon essential oil

5-10 drops organic peppermint essential oil

3 tsp. Borax.

Mix well. I used a cooler jug and shook it a lot, then poured it into my spray bottles. The mixture does separate into layers over time, but a quick shake of the bottle will blend it again. This recipe is good for refrigerators and stove tops and surfaces that need to be cleaned of grease and/or disinfected.

NOTE: For women, if you are pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, I was recently told that using tea tree oil is not considered safe for the duration of your pregnancy. The concerns seem mainly to stem from consumption of tea tree oil, not topical exposure, but I did find an article online that suggests abstaining from any use of the oil during pregnancy. If you are concerned about this, I would simply not add the tea tree oil to the recipe.

I use my all-purpose spray all over my house! It smells so fresh and clean and does a wonderful job cleaning counters, sinks, and even floors. (Although when I mop I generally just add a few drops of lemon essential oil and a bit of white vinegar into my pail of water.)



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