Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Andrea Brame, and I’m so glad you’re here. Come on in, grab a mug, and enjoy some fresh-brewed coffee or tea (your pick.) The mugs are on the cupboard to the right of the sink, middle shelf, left-hand side. Don’t mind the skull-and-crossbones pirate mug. It’s my husband’s.

What’s that you say? I’m ridiculously organized? Oh, if only you knew.

In fact, this blog is part of my Great Big Self-Discipline Project (TM). I’ve lived in creative chaos in the places I’ve called home over the past thirty (something) years and last year I decided enough was enough. For an artistic type whose idea of great design is organization, calmness, serenity, and breathing room (with a hefty shot of bright color to liven things up), I was scandalously disorganized. Not to mention decidedly UNserene.

I’ve worked at household and lifestyle organization over the years, but nothing stuck permanently, and I think that was because nothing really worked for my style, budget, and situation. Sure, all the professional experts said this, that, or the other thing, but they weren’t me. They didn’t live in my house. They didn’t work at my job. They didn’t have my hobbies, or my paycheck. Only one person did: me. So I finally woke up in December of 2010 and realized, just in time for New Year’s resolutions, that I wanted to change. I wanted to let my inner neat freak out to play. I wanted to thrive in an atmosphere that enabled me to be creative and provided the framework for a healthy and less stressful lifestyle. I wanted to be truly organized.

The irony of the situation is that I actually love organizing. It’s relaxing for me to put order into the unorderly. I like turning messes into beautiful spaces. I like sorting. (No, really! I do!) I like making lists. I even like … washing windows. So why couldn’t I keep it all together once I got it that way?

I wanted to change things and help others in the process. So, I decided to record 365 days of my organizational journey and share the inspiration to live a clutter-free and simplified life with others.

I hope you make yourself at home while you look around this blog, and when you depart after visiting, will leave with a new-found sense of inspiration and empowerment. If I can do it, you absolutely can, too!

Here’s a few places to get started on my site:

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Bonus Round: Random Facts About Me

I like dill pickle chips. I hate the sound of styrofoam crunching. You could probably bribe me with a cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream or a Kate Spade purse. Oh, and I’m on the hunt for a small red vintage Pyrex stacking mixing bowl. It’s the only one missing from my collection.

Contact Me

Email: behindcloseddrawers@gmail.com

Twitter: andrea_brame

– Andrea

{ Profile Photo Credit: Joy}

15 responses to “About

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Congratulations on your blog and mission! I love the posts you’ve submitted so far and can totally relate. I’m an artist turned neat-freak too, but my boyfriend is an engineer definitely NOT turned neat, and it’s a huge struggle getting him to “play”. I am looking forward to seeing if you come up with strategies on getting the men involved. My bf has box upon box of broken electronic equipment and wires and ancient textbooks and hideous ikea furniture and uncomfortable mattresses (one which just leans up against a wall!) meanwhile I have my beautiful furniture and comfy bed sitting in a storage unit. It seems so unfair! Well anyway, enough about me. I look forward to seeing your daily posts. Fun fun!

  2. Teri Zimmerman

    I am very interested to see the outcome of your project! Maybe even a little inspired.
    -good luck-
    Teri Jo

  3. Linda Hartranft

    Andrea…I love the way you express yourself. Keep writing!

  4. Crystal

    So proud of you, A. And I miss you a ton.

  5. Lol Andrea… I thought you were describing ME — I love organization, containers for everything, neatness… and yet you might never know if you saw my art room! And I always say “if I had enough space” or “if I had enough money” or time… enough space & $$ to buy shelves to fill with clear bins to sort the stuff to put it away for easy access on any given day. My dream. Someday. 🙂

    • Shelves filled with clear containers (or vintage tins and baskets maybe, hmmm?) is SUCH a dreamy idea! Agreed!

      It’s still a process for me, but wow, we’ve come a long way since this time last year. It’s really great to see things come together. The funny thing is, even more than needing more money to purchase all those great containers and shelves is it’s all about the process and using that process on a daily basis. I find I always get sloppier the longer I fudge things and slack off on the processes and disciplines I’ve learned along the way. Feel free to share any tips you’ve learned for your art room. 🙂 I need all the help I can get.

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