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Moving in Progress Update

Well, folks, it’s been three weeks since we moved into this house and one month since I quit my day job. Here’s the progress, to date:

  • Kitchen fully unpacked. Still some organizing to do.
  • Living room unpacked. We plan on purchasing a rug and selling our current coffee table/end table combo; for now, though, they are doing just fine holding up coffee and lamps.
  • Dining room mostly unpacked. I’ve been ignoring the two upright laundry hampers that hold all the odds and ends we took out of the old house in a panic at the last hour. I should probably unpack those. Oh, and Daniel would probably appreciate me moving the broken down boxes and packing paper in a trash bag out of there. Probably.
  • Bedroom has two boxes left to unpack and a ton of clothing to figure out where to put it. Maybe I’ll just take it all to Goodwill. Oh, and I am storing ALL of our wall art in the bedroom, propped against walls. Again, Daniel would probably appreciate me moving that. Somewhere.
  • Office is 3/4 painted. We just have the IdeaPaint and green accents to add. Currently, it is a little crowded with all the vintage things I’m taking pictures of for my new little Etsy shop. Oh, you didn’t know I had a new little Etsy shop? Why, take a gander by clicking on this link or the one on the top of the lefthand sidebar. Please and thank you. Otherwise, and this will sound like a broken record, Daniel would probably appreciate if I put all those lovely vintagey things back in their storage space.
  • Second bedroom (oh, how I love having a three bedroom home now!) is sort of our storage facility for the time being. It is mostly inhabited by stacks of books on the floor and a large air mattress for guests. One day it will be a clear floor and a real bed. And probably storage for my Etsy stock.
  • Outdoors. We love our new grill! It’s grill out time in the Brame household at least once a week these days, while we stubbornly hold onto the last warm vestiges of Fall in Tennessee. I should probably rake those leaves.

And that about sums it up. Our current organizational progress is mainly of the “figure out where everything goes” category. The GREAT news is that we have only 8-10 boxes, total, that are still unpacked, and most of those are crafting and art supplies that are being stored on a huge industrial rack in the garage. We really only have 4 boxes unpacked in the house itself. So, technically, we’re pretty much moved in.

I have some Craigslisting of our furniture we’re selling to do, and I have some decorating to do, and I have some cleaning schedules to figure out, but for three weeks later, it ain’t too bad to have the house in livable condition. I’m thrilled.


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Moving In

Didn’t we just do this?

Wait. Yes. Yes, we did. This makes three moves in the first two years of marriage. Thank goodness it is our final move before we build/buy/renovate a house of our own. I am tired! The plan is to stay here while we save up our down payment, build our business, and recover from this move (I’m only half kidding about that last one).

There’s been a lot of conflicting feelings going into moving into a home that I used to live in (twice) before, but the predominate one is coziness, followed by joy and a sense of playing hooky. Let me explain that one … since quitting my former day job, I’ve been helping Daniel with our own business, even if it means just letting him bounce ideas off of me while I’m sweeping the floor or playing on Pinterest. Soon I’ll be doing much more than that, but for the past few days my primary drive has been to make our house into a home as quickly as possible so we can focus on growing the business, relaxing on days off, and being hospitable to friends. I haven’t “worked” a traditional eight hour day in a almost two weeks, instead I’ve worked my butt off in 12-15 hour days with the move–but I’ve felt like I’ve been skipping school and playing around this whole time!

Of course, then I realize that as much as I enjoy the end result of organization, the process is killer. I don’t love the sorting and the decision making. Where should this go? What is this thing’s intended use and where is it best placed in our home? (Candlestick? Computer printer cord? Bulk package of toilet paper?) And then, even with the extra space, I still have items that seem to have no home and they are driving me crazy. Plus, there is a certain annoyance in having to start almost from scratch on my 365 day plan to get organized once and for all! Yikes! Only three months left …

But I’m home. And for the first time since I was a kid, I have the time luxury of being able to put everything in its place up front, instead of over months. Don’t get me wrong … the months of tweaking happen next. We’ll start decorating and painting (yes, more painting. I don’t think it ever stops. My brother teases me that every time he talks to me I’m painting something. I can’t deny it. Guilty as charged.) We’ll even attempt some landscaping and renovation projects (I’m looking at you, dining room walls.)

For now, though, it’s back to unpacking for me. Last night I did the kitchen and entryway hall. Today, it’s the “living room” part of our open house plan and adding the second coat to the office walls. Tomorrow … who knows. I might tackle the dining room or, scarier yet, our bedroom. That’s a LOT of clothing to put up in that closet! Pictures to come soon.

In the meantime, if anyone has any unpacking/setting up home tips, I’d love to hear them! What has worked for you?

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Moving Soon

I can’t believe we’re posting this just after a year of living in our current rental, but the townhouse in Nashville we have so lovingly updated will no longer be the place we call home as of October.

This means I will be blogging not only about my year of organizational ventures, but also now a move that I hope will be infinitely more organized than our last one. This will be our third move in 1.5 years of marriage and I hope it will be our last before we purchase or build a house of our own.

There are so many useful tips I’ve picked up over the years; tips about packing, unpacking, cleaning and pretty much any other facet of moving you can think of. Some have helped, some haven’t. I’m interested to see which ones will prove worthy of our joint effort moving our combined households of stuff to a new location after we had just zoned in on the finish line with organizing this place.

We will have several things going for us. First, the hard work (outside of the actual packing and moving) is already done. I estimate 85% of our belongings have a home and are grouped with like items in the rooms in which they are used most frequently. The remaining 15% are either papers/craft items/vintage things I bought to resell and have yet to sort through and put in proper places, or they are items that we just didn’t have room for in our current place. For instance, my vintage typewriter in a case, or Daniel’s adjustable free weights. This means that when we pack, all we have to do is go to a room, cabinet, or closet, and take the items we find there and pack them together, labeled as such. Then, we’ll take them to the next house and set them up in a similar location. MUCH simpler than our last, slightly chaotic, move, in which we were trying to just get items from point A to point B in the quickest time possible.

Second, we have already sorted and eliminated many unnecessary objects from our possession. When we got married and moved into our apartment, we both left piles of things for Goodwill or the trash. When we moved together from our first apartment to our current townhouse, we threw out dozens of bags of paper and household trash and donated multiple carloads of items to Goodwill. When we sorted and organized our house after moving in, we again threw out dozens of bags of items that were not in good condition and gave away carloads of those that were. This means we have so much less to move! Hallelujah! I estimate for this reason alone we have easily a dozen fewer boxes to move this time around.

And lastly, we’ve both come to appreciate the skill of living better with less. While our cherished family heirlooms or beloved gifts will never be tossed or given away, we resist the urge to fill our home with “things” … things that have little value in the long run, so we are moving with the intention of only bringing to our new home those things that, in the words of William Morris, “[h]ave nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” I think it’s a good mantra to live by and I am glad to know it will make our move easier!

I plan to document this journey for those who may be in a similar situation, whether moving multiple times in the space of two years, or simply moving for the first time when combining households. I hope my trials and errors along the way will help out others.

Image: Carlos Gustavo Curado

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