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Room Inspiration: Green Mailbox

Room Inspiration: Green Mailbox

{Green Mailbox Image: Esparta Palma; Room Inspiration Image: Polyvore}
And now … an introduction, as promised, to next week’s guest blogger series!
I’ve rounded up some blogging friends of mine to share their areas of expertise with you. I left it open to them what to share that “You Can Do,” and I’m so happy with what they submitted.
Next Monday, Tiffany begins the series by encouraging us to embrace the hard task of choosing to follow a healthy lifestyle. Tuesday, Rachel will share how to create a rockin’ playlist. Wednesday and Thursday, Joy will follow up with some great advice for throwing a dinner party (that you can play your playlist at!). Finally, on Friday, Daniel will veer off into a more organizational topic and share how he conquered his paper tiger.
I hope you’ll stop by each day next week to get introduced to the featured bloggers and learn more about their topics!
See you then, and have a wonderful weekend in the meantime,

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Room Inspirations: Seaside Resort

{Image: Eustaquio Santimano}

Caribbean Dreams by behindcloseddrawers featuring flip flop shoes

It’s that time of year when I’m longing for a lounge chair, a guilty-pleasure chick lit book, sunglasses, the smell of sunscreen, wind in my hair, sand in my toes, and the brilliant blues of the ocean, undulating nearby. The weather yesterday in the Nashville, TN area just made things worse yesterday by being amazing and gorgeous and tantalizingly warm and sunny. I want summer!
Well, even if I can’t make it be summer, I can do a lot of other things, which is a great segue into today’s Big News! I’m hosting my first-ever guest post series in two weeks and the theme is You CAN Do It!
Several of my blogging friends have graciously agreed to share some of their expertise with you on topics ranging from getting healthy to choosing a rockin’ playlist. I can’t wait to share what they have to offer, but, in the meantime, I am excited to share the news.
Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday!
p.s. My good blogger friends aren’t the only amazingly talented and knowledgeable folks out there. Do you want to inspire others so that they can do something that might scare them, intimidate them, or confuse them? Let me know! Email and tell me what you can do–and what others can do, too. I’d love to hear from you, and I might include your idea or story in the series.

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