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Gray, Beige, Greige. Whatever You Call It, It’s Tricky to Pick

More paint selecting fun. I have a Behr color picked out; I have a Kilz budget, and I’m using the Sherwin-Williams paint selector tool again. Enough brands, you think?

One looks too pink, one looks green, one looks purple, one looks white. Greige is hard to find!

1) Roycroft Mist Gray; 2) Requisite Gray; 3) Fawn Brindle; 4) Perfect Greige; 5) Pewter Tankard; 6) Escape Gray

I think. It is somewhat possible two of them are the same image. I made a mistake and didn’t write the paint names on the layers in Photoshop. 3 and 5 look a lot alike. Overall, 2, 3, and 5 have the best tint for me. 6 is definitely too green. 4, or “Perfect Greige” is actually not so perfect. The search continues …


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